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Ghassan Sawalhi is a Hip Hop artist, Music producer, Audio engineer, Composer,
Arranger, and Multi-instrumentalist from Yafa, Palestine. Ghassan graduated with
honors from the esteemed Berklee College of Music in the field of Music production and
engineering in 2017. Sawalhi is a 2019 TedX speaker, multiple time scholarship
receiver and a very active member in the Arabic Alternative Music Scene.

Rami Abu Olaya (ney) is a Boston based musician who was born and raised in Palestine where he studied Arabic music at Al Kamandjati Music School. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree from Berklee College of Music. Rami has shared the stage with world class musicians such as Titi Robin, Ramzi Aburedwan, Faraj Sulieman, and Ghalia Ben Ali. He has participated in renowned music festivals such as Eid Al Musica Festival and The Humanity Festival of Paris. Rami has made multiple television appearances on Palestine TV and performed in international tours in France, Germany, Belgium, Jordan, and more.

Previous gathering
May 19 At 5:00-7:30 PM
@Andala Cafe Franklin & River St. Cambridge, MA 02139
The Center for Arabic Culture (CAC) and community volunteers would like to invite you and your family to the inauguration of CAC Nadi (Club). Join us for an informal gathering with our moms, dads, and friends as we reconnect with old friends and meet new ones.
We are trying to establish a monthly cadence of social gatherings based on growing interest, with more social activities in store.
To start, let’s meet, connect, and celebrate…
Food & Drinks Available to Purchase 
We will gather downstairs at Andala and if the weather is permitting and there is space, we will sit outside
For any questions, please contact:

It can be your Nofara or Rawda; It can be be your Fishawi or Hamra; It can be your Jemaa el-Fna

CAC is proud to be a home and a hub for the community!