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Spring 2024 Events: 

CAC Human Library Series with Professor Kanan Makiya- February 10, 2024

Alam- Film Screening at the Somerville Public Library- Feb. 17, 2024

Palestine- Play by Najla Said- March 2nd, 2024

Arab Mother's day Celebration, Calligraphy paint night- Boston Public Library March 16, 2024

Daughters of Abdelrahman- Film Screening- Friday April 12, 2024

Save the Date! Film Screening with Director Raouf Zaki- College of the Holy Cross- April 19, 2024 (more will be announced soon)

CAC Annual Arabic Cultural Festival & Book Fair- April 27, 2025 (more will be announced soon) 

Save The Date! CAC Music Program Music Concert May 11, 2024 (more will be announced soon)

Save the Date! Cultural Day at Boston Public Schools, May 31, 2024 (more will be announced soon)

CAC Choir Virtual Concert April 24, 2021 Featuring Arab American Artists

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Learning in a fun way

Alma, I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the program! Rami is having so much fun! I was expecting a battle to get him to go to the camp. But no, he is happily going there. AND he’s learning so much in a fun way! He’s actually singing Arabic songs at home 🙂
Thank you for such an amazing program! The community so needed something like this: learning in a fun way!
Shahla Hafez

We saw major progress in their reading and writing capabilities in the last 6 weeks.

Thank you CAC curriculum team and teachers so much for all your hard work in making the classes a wonderful learning experience for Maysa and Kareem. We saw major progress in their reading and writing capabilities in the last 6 weeks. We look forward to continuing learning in the CAC school this Fall.

Imad H. (Parent ) August, 2020

…Every single class was amazing and enjoyable.

My first instinct is to give a big shukrun for an excellent, excellent Arabic online summer course. I can’t wait to continue learning. For anyone needing encouragement to sign up for a class, I will say that every single class was amazing and enjoyable. I felt like I was in excellent hands and treated with wonderful care, respect, and encouragement. Each class was expertly created and customized to current events as well as past history. I loved the use of live technology and super-modern teaching techniques.

Claudine G. (Adult learner) August, 2020

Thanks for all the hard work

Faith is absolutely loving the class and told me the other day that she wants to go to Lebanon next summer after she took your course 🙂 Thanks for all the hard work and the wonderful program.

Parent, Summer 2020

Bayram had great time learning with CAC Online program.

Bayram had great time learning with CAC Online program.The classes were rich and variated. The methodology was fun and kid’s friendly. Bayram was worried at the beginning about not remembering much of his Arabic alphabet and words. He quickly regained confidence after noticing the progresses he was making. Ostatha E. showed a lot of passion, enthusiasm and patience with the kids. Bayram can’t wait for the fall semester to start.

Rania E.F. (Parent) Fall 2020

He clearly felt pride

Rami had an awesome day today! He took the lead in many discussions across the day, starting with morning meeting. We were introducing the Arabic greeting (Marhaba) and talking about how there are a number of students in the New Wing who speak Arabic. He raised his hand and shared that he also speaks it. He came up to the board and showed us how to write his name. He then explained about the written language going from right to left, and how some letters are friendly letters and connect with other ones, while other letters are bossy and never connect. It was a special moment seeing him sharing this with the class. He clearly felt pride in his knowledge, background and culture.

Rami Hafez’s School Teacher

She made a lot of progress and was proud of herself. 

Nour enjoyed her CAC online Arabic classes this summer. The content was relevant and diversified, the form was kid’s friendly, with a lot of interactivity. This enables to keep the children focus for the entire lesson. Osthath G.enthusiasm has got the kids concentrating during the class, and enjoying it. Nour was happily connecting to the class. She made a lot of progress and was proud of herself.

Rania (Mother of youth learner) Fall 2020

During this course, my vocabulary increased immensely…

During this course, my vocabulary increased immensely, and my reading and speaking ability improved rapidly. The course was fun, and the teacher enthusiastic and devoted to teaching and sharing her love of the Arabic language.

Christina L. (Adult learner) Fall 2020

I learned so much about the language, music, culture…

I want to thank the curriculum team for the fantastic Summer Online Workshop. I learned so much about the language, music, culture, and the beauty of the Arabic countries. Mr.G cares for his students because he shows passion in teaching. Shukran!

Hopefully, I can join the new term this coming Fall. Thank you.

Rita A. (Adult Learner) August, 2020

Our classes were full of conversation, videos, pictures, stories…

I so enjoyed my fellow students and the guidance of professor E. every time. Our classes were full of conversation, videos, pictures, stories, and translation exercises. I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun learning and stretching my skills. We even had a remote hummus lesson in our summer workshop, which was a lot of fun! You’ve made me so proud of my own abilities and you are encouraging me to keep learning and growing as an adult. Shukrun again!

Claudine G. (Adult learner) August, 2020

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