The mission of the Center for Arabic Culture (CAC) is to promote Arabic Culture and the Arab-American experience through education and the arts.

Our Goals

Become the Main Resource on Arab and Arab-American Culture in New England
For educational institutions, public schools teaching Arabic, nonprofit and governmental agencies, and the community at large.
Open Channels of Dialogue for Cultural Exchange
Between the Arab-American community and the greater New England community.
Empower Arab-American Youth
In celebrating their culture, and help its integration into the US cultural fabric including theater, music, and community service.
Encourage Arab-American and International Arab Artists
By creating a forum for them on a local and national level.
Promote the Arabic Language
Through our Arabic School and other programs within the Center.
Become a Cultural Home for the Arab American Community
By acquiring a facility that would house a library, a school, the arts programs, and other educational programs.

How We'll Achieve Them

Visual Arts

Exhibit, document, and promote art about the Arab world.

Performance Arts

Organize concerts, dance, and theater productions.

Scholarly Activities

Organize lectures, conferences, and workshops focused on Arabic culture, history, and the Arab-American experience.

Arabic Language

Design an Arabic language program that enables children and adults to experience the beauty of the Arabic language.

CAC Programs & Events

At CAC, we strive to provide the general public with the opportunity to learn more about the different aspects of Arab culture. Whether you are interested in Arabic music, dance, calligraphy or language, we offer a class for you. Being a non-profit, whose mission is to promote Arab culture in all of its regional varieties, we strive to make our classes and events as affordable and accessible as possible.

CAC Budgets