CAC 10 Annual Arab American Festival & Bookfair

Event Schedule

Event Schedule

4 pm- Boston Dabke Troup Performance

5 pm- Fashion Show by Kawthar El Sharif

5:30 pm- Fashion Show by Jahan 5:30 pm

4 pm – 6 pm Book readings with Authors (Armory Cafe)

7:30 pm Ya Msafer Show with Soumaya MaRos and Lioness al Atlas Dance Group

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Art Exhibit- From Palestine to Lebanon, Art from three generations


“Meshwar: From Palestine to Lebanon” illuminates the narrative of Maroun Tomb, a Palestinian-born Lebanese painter, and his artistic legacy spanning generations and continents. For the first time in the United States, this exhibition unveils the captivating artistic journey of the Tomb family, showcasing the works of the Father, Maroun, his son, Fouad as well as Fouad’s two daughters: Joëlle and Sandra Tomb. Through their diverse and evolving expressions, Meshwar serves as a requiem, celebrating the vibrant life of a painter and the enduring legacy he bestowed upon his family and the world.


The Fouad & May Tomb Foundation for the Arts emerges from a rich history of dedication to arts education and prolific artistic production. Over 25 years, Fouad Tomb’s leadership in the private arts education sector, particularly through Arts & Renaissance, his art school in Lebanon, impacted countless aspiring artists. His curriculum, emphasizing social-emotional development and drawing techniques inspired by Renaissance masters, cultivated a generation of skilled painters. Supported by his late wife and business partner, May, Fouad’s artwork graced twenty regional and international exhibitions.

Amidst shifting political landscapes and the pandemic’s upheaval, the couple made the difficult decision to close Arts & Renaissance in Lebanon, relocating to Montreal, Canada in 2020. Driven by their passion for the arts, they founded the Fouad & May Tomb Foundation, with their eldest daughter, Joëlle Tomb, at the helm. The Foundation’s inaugural project, a monograph by author Randa Sadaka, delves into Fouad Tomb’s life and artistic journey, published by Editions Dergham and distributed globally. As custodians of Maroun Tomb’s legacy, the Foundation also embarked on a decade-long endeavor to research, collect, and archive his artworks and archives from Palestine and Lebanon. “Meshwar: from Palestine to Lebanon” emerged as the Foundation’s first retrospective homage to Maroun Tomb, offering a unique glimpse into the painter’s life and artistic evolution. This exhibition was hosted at Dar El Nimer in 2023. For a virtual tour of the exhibit you may click here

Meet our Performance Groups

Boston Dabke Troupe

The Boston Dabke Troupe is a young group of college students and young professionals dedicated to teaching, learning, and performing Dabke. We started in November 2014, with over 30 initial members, and first performed in February 2015.

We hold weekly lessons for those who are interested in learning, and are available to perform at public and private events.

Click Here to Read More

Fashion Show from Sudan by JAHAN Organization

Modern Arabic Design Fashion Show by Kawthar Alsharif

Fashion Show by Kawthar Al Sharif

Ya Msafer- From East to West, A Cultural Journey through Music

By Soumaya Maros and Lioness Al Atlas Dance Group

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