CAC 2022 Annual Appeal

Dear Friends of CAC,
At CAC we empower the Arab- American community by welcoming children, youth, and adults to our Arabic language, music, and literature programs, and by assisting them to celebrate their heritage as an integral part of the diverse community in Massachusetts.
Through CAC services and events, we offer a pivotal resource for non-Arab American individuals and institutions to experience the beauty of the Arabic culture.
  • In 2021, CAC continued to deepen its roots in the community through successful and ongoing collaborations with educational institutions such as the Boston Public Schools and the Boston Public Library, local cultural organizations such as Historic New England, and academic institutions such as the Agha Khan Documentation Center MIT and Wellesley college.
  • Inspite of the pandemic, CAC continued to provide a platform for artists, authors, and educators to present their work through workshops, lectures, and discussions.
  • CAC continued to provide continuing education workshops and support to its dedicated team of Arabic language teachers to build a rich and inclusive classroom environment.
  • This September, CAC Arabic language and music programs returned safely to in-person learning and CAC online Arabic program is growing stronger attracting students from around the world!
Your trust has been our motive to strengthen our mission and keep improving and building!
Today we are launching our Year-End Campaign with a goal of $50,000 that will help us sustain our mission and continue to build new programs to serve the community!
Our goals for 2022 are to establish:
  • JAZAL adult choir: to keep growing our music program.
  • Human Library Program: bringing the younger Arab- American generation in contact with their older counterpart from different backgrounds and cultures to exchange experiences, expertise, and life stories.
  • Expand CAC Social and Cultural Club to allow new immigrant and old members from the community to participate in planning and spearheading new activities in Boston and beyond.
We cannot accomplish this without YOU! Please Support CAC Today!
Thank you for your trust, partnership, and continued support.
Alma Richeh, CAC Executive Director
CAC Board of Directors & President Randa Shedid
The Entire Team at CAC