Upcoming Concert:

We sponsor music performances and concerts with well known as well as young emerging talents to spread awareness about Arabic music and its importance.

Unique instruments such as the oud and tabla are common in Arabic music, and have a different sound than the western varieties of guitars and drums. Another distinctive feature is Arabic quarter tones, which brings a complexity to the music that you cannot find anywhere else!

Past Concerts Include:

"NAO Concert: Films Of Mohamed Bayoumi"

Films of Mohamed Bayoumi
With live score by The National Arab Orchestra (NAO)


Aliya Cycon Project's

Album Release and Farewell Show

"Tell Me About My Country - A Story in Song!"

CAC Arabic Chamber Ensemble and New York Arabic Orchestra in Concert 

Under the Direction of the CAC’s Artist in Residence and Musical Virtuoso, Mr. Bassam Saba!


"To Ummi with Love"

A Celebration of Mothers' Love through Music & Inspiration

The Berklee Student Ensemble under the Direction of Simon Shaheen

To Ummi with Love poster


Highlights of the CAC Children Choir YMCA Concert

With The CAC Boston Chamber Ensemble and the NY Arabic Orchestra under Director of Bassam Saba



Aliya Cycon Project Farewell Concert

"To Ummi with Love" Concert