CAC Youth Orchestra Program Details

Study Plan:

The Program consists of:

Bayyat Orchestra (For students with one year experience)

Hijaz Orchestra (For Intermediate and advanced Students)

The format of the year will be as follows:

  1. One hour of orchestra rehearsal (in person). The Orchestra meets on Sundays at CAC Arabic School between 5 and 6 pm.
  2. 30 minutes of sectionals for each instrument during the week. ‘Sectionals’ is an orchestral term which means when an instrumental group would meet separately and work on specific segments in the music before rejoining the full orchestra rehearsal. For example, the orchestra rehearsal will be on Sunday as usual, and prior to that during the week, the Qanun students will meet together with their Qanun instructor on Zoom for 30 minutes to practice specific segments of the music they need help with. 

Program Location: 

Indoor Location: Newton, MA

Lasell University, Winslow Academic Center

80 Maple St. Auburndale, MA 02466

Class Times:

Orchestra Time: 5 pm -6 pm

Sectional Time: TBA with the each instrument teacher.


$615/ semester and $1230 for the entire year from Sept. 10, 2023 till Jun. 2 , 2024.

This year registration is Online.

Click Here to Register for the Fall Semester

Students must give at least 24 hour notice to the teacher if they cannot attend the lesson unless it is due to sickness or strong emergency. In the event that the teacher must cancel the class, there will be make up lesson rescheduled in our location in Somerville. The dates for any make up lesson will be determined by the teacher and the students.


While we are happy for parents to attend the first lesson, to feel reassured that the classes are taught in a manner commensurate with their expectations, we ask of you to please wait for your children in waiting area.

This policy creates a sense of independence for the student, it strengthens the bond between the teacher and the student and it allows the teacher to give the student his/her undivided attention. Feel free to collect your children from their classrooms, so that the teacher can communicate with you at the end of each lesson what was covered and how you can assist your child in his/her weekly practice.

To rent an instrument (Oud or Qanun) from CAC, click on "Buy Now" to set up the monthly rental fee.

Orchestra Calendar

Instrument Rentals

Families will be responsible for purchasing or renting the instruments.

CAC has Qanun and Oud for CAC Orchestra to rent out while they are enrolled at the program. We distribute the available instruments to families on first come first serve basis.

To rent Violin, Cello or Percussion instrument, you can contact: Music & Art at 888-731-5396.
To purchase Qanun from the US or the Middle East, our Qanun teacher Jamal Sinno provided the following specification to look for: "It must have at least 5 mendels or O'rab...Syrian Qanuns are well made and the workmanship is reputable. Turkey also is preferable since they make a smaller size Qanun that is more practical."
Please ask us about renting Oud and Qanun.

If you have any questions on purchasing or renting the instruments please email us at