Assef Zobian, D.Sc.

Dr. Zobian was born in Lebanon and graduated from the American University of Beirut with BS in Computer and Communication Engineering in 1990, and ME in Electrical Engineering in 1992. He received an MS in Technology & Policy in 1995 and a Doctor of Science in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1996.

As a research assistant at the MIT Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems, he evaluated alternative organizational structures for the electric power industry after deregulation, and recommended policies for efficient operation in the newly evolving open access environment.

He is the founder and president of Cambridge Energy Solutions, LLC, a software company with a mission to develop software for the deregulated electric power industry. He is an electrical engineer with over twenty years of experience in power systems technology, economics, and planning. He developed a set of market simulation tools to simulate the economic and engineering operation of electric power markets in the US. These models are being used to forecast locational market clearing prices of electricity and congestion cost, analyze the impact of regulatory policies on stakeholders, analyze market power issues,  economics of entry and exit, the technical and economic feasibility of new power plants and transmission lines projects; evaluate alternative market structures and pricing regimes; define geographic market areas based on transmission constraints; and determine the impact of environmental regulation on electricity prices.