The World Of Razi: Online Reading with Hanan Armaly Haddad

Date(s) - 01/29/2022



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Hanan Armaly Haddad, a Palestinian artist residing in Boston MA, holds a BA in Fine Art, and a BA in Arabic Language and Literature. Hanan is from northern Palestine, Shefa’amr, located between Nazareth and Haifa. Hanan says, “The pencil has accompanied me since I was young until I joined the university and studied Arabic and fine art and took them as a profession. I taught children (3-15) fine arts, held individual art exhibitions and participated in group exhibits. After the birth of my son, I decided to combine my profession and my passion, so I started writing in children’s literature.  “The World of Razzi” project is distinguished by its sincere writing, and its orientation to children as the foundation of society and the hope of this planet.” 

The World of Razi: A project that combines literature, art and knowledge in carefully written stories and carefully designed events for the beautiful minds of our children who always deserve the best and the finest. Razi’s World is a personal project, idea, and foundation.  The basis of the project is writing in children’s literature and providing valuable linguistic content and fine art that suit children of all backgrounds especially children of Arab descent.

The project was written and designed with Arabic content of high artistic quality, and included the most amazing professional women from Palestine, Jordan, Algeria, France, Russia, Romania, Canada and Brazil to launch the first edition of the “Razi Collection”, which includes five stories: Razi loves to read, Razi eats vegetables, Moody Razzie, Razzie and the Cute Snail and Razzie and the Basic Colors, which were a hit within only four months of starting the marketing process for the first edition.  Today, Hanan is working on the second edition, in addition to writing a new collection of short stories.

The themes of the stories are taken from our daily lives, but the way they are presented is unconventional. Full of humor through graphics and text, the interior design is exciting, and the graphics have been worked on to fit the child’s world through the colors, details and symbols, which are important for children mental and physical development.

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